Our Story

The One Aim Survivors Council works to empower survivors across Illinois to effect change and create a strong statewide network of survivors working together to end gun violence. We were founded by a survivor, Tom Vanden Berk, who has turned the pain of losing his son, Tommy, into purpose through fighting to end gun violence and all of its causes. This work has created the opportunity to work with the many survivors of gun violence through respectful dialogue, training, and advocacy.
WHAT WE DO: While the council is a project of One Aim Illinois, the survivors in it all are members of different organizations and it is our goal to partner with a network of allies in this space. We seek to empower survivors by:
  • Hosting quarterly meetings with resources specific to survivors needs;
  • Partnering with organizations to create safe and unique spaces for survivors to network and discuss their own projects;
  • Facilitating conversations about opportunities for survivors to tell their stories to create social or legislative change; and
  • Providing training on advocacy and counseling to survivors free of charge.

  • This past December was a our 9th National Vigil for All Victims and Survivors of Gun Violence. Please watch.

    A Toolkit for Gun Violence Survivors and Allies

    From healing to action, we hope that this toolkit introduced by Giffords.Org provides help and hope to move forward.